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All Polk County Snowmobile trails are closed .



Attention all snowmobilers The Polk county snowmobile council has made some changes. We have divided Polk county into 4 zones. 

(see map above)

 If your are out riding and find a closed gate DO NOT OPEN THEM or RIDE AROUND IT there is a reason for it!

WHY what's going on?

We have areas with good snow and in other areas we  don't  and or we have sensitive crop lands in these areas and if we have snowmobiles tearing up these crops we lose these trails !

Zone 1 CLOSED  = North of hwy 8 and west of Gandy Dancer trail 

Zone 2 CLOSED      = North of hwy 8 and east of Gandy Dancer trail

Zone  3 CLOSED   = South of hwy 8 and west of hwy 65

Zone  4  CLOSED   = South of hwy 8 and east of Hwy 65


Polk County SNOWMOBILE trails ARE OPEN as of 1/15/2018.

New my camera is going mobile i will be uploading Live pictures of our trails keep checking back 





Almost live cam located 2 miles west of Amery updates every hour between Dec 1st & March 31st

Would you like to make a donation?

All donations go towards our Land Owners gift certificates !

If was not for private land owners that allow snowmobile trails to cross there property we would NOT have a place to ride!

Please donate Today

Other trail report information for county and statewide




Other trail report information for county and statewide





HOT Off the PIPE Trail Report

This will be a weekly report on our area trail condition from our club riders and groomer drivers.

We now have a tracked groomer we will be able to get all Amery Joel and Clear lake trails groomed regardless of the amount of snow and drifting that occurs . We have also changed our grooming routine so that all our trails in this area will be done on Thursday and Friday as we will be grooming around the clock on those days so watch out for the groomer during the day.



Just a quick GOOD REASON Reminder to stay on MARKED TRAILS!


Yellow=Reported 7am Today  

Pink=older data

Data as of 1 AM This Morning
Data within about 25 Miles of the Great Lakes may be missing

Maps courtesy of the
National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center